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Directors Letter

The Virginia Polygraph Association is an organization dedicated to promoting professionalism within the field of polygraph.

We do this by providing continuing education seminars annually in conjunction with the APA; and a semi-annual PCSOT continuing education class.

We also have the VPA website which provides an avenue for members and the public to go to when seeking information about the polygraph profession.

The website has a Forum for members only. The forum can be used to share information with other members. You can also network with other members regarding issues in the polygraph profession.

We have a strong and experienced Board of Officers. We, the board, are dedicated to serving you the member. But we need everyone to be active and get involved in the association. You can do this by attending the seminars and offering suggestions and your ideas.

We urge all members to take advantage of the resources provided by the association.


Alan Moore


The Virginia Polygraph Association consists of polygraph examiners who represent law enforcement, government, and private sectors, with objectives to advance the use of polygraph, promote research into instrumentation and technique, and to improve the qualifications of examiners through subscribing to high standards of professional and ethical conduct, education and achievement. 

We offer comprehensive continuing educational programs, referrals, and newsletters. The Officers and Board of Directors strive to unify polygraph examiners throughout the state, and to promote the diffusion of polygraph technology through meetings, professional contacts, reports, and discussions, and to further urge the membership's active participation in civic and community affairs where the polygraph is concerned.

Membership is open to all graduates of a APA-accredited polygraph school, regardless of residence. If you are a polygraph examiner, VPA invites you to become a member for a fee of $75.00 yearly. Print out the application on the "VPA Membership Application" tab and mail it to the address on the form or pay via credit card using paypal under the "Pay Dues Online" tab. 

There are polygraph licensing requirements in the state of Virginia. If you are currently using polygraph services, or need general information about polygraphs, we urge you to contact and employ one of our members who subscribe to the professional and ethical standards as set forth by the VPA. Many of our members are also members of other national organizations.

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